Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Teaching Your Shih Tzu To Chew Appropriate Items

Your puppy is so adorable and affectionate it is hard to believe there would be times when her behavior would truly try your patience to no end. Try to understand her needs. If you will apply a few practical training techniques you will probably be able to reduce many of the problems that try your patience and some problem behaviors you can eliminate altogether

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Shih Tzu Brought To England

Two women in China, one Irish and one English were both extremely fascinated with the Shih Tzu and highly determined to take the little dogs to England. Miss Hutchins from Ireland and Mrs. Brownrigg from England found this was not an easy task to accomplish. Breeding in the Imperial Palace had stopped many years ago, although people outside the palace were still breeding, they were still very possessive of the little dogs and did not want them to leave the country. Miss Hutchens obtained a dog she called Lung Fu Ssu and weighed 14 lbs. Many people in China were still breeding this kind of dog (sounds like this was some of the dogs that might have been sent out from the palace). The Shih Tzu that were sent out from the palace as rejects were still good dogs, just bigger! During this time, however, there began to be all sizes starting to creep up, some very tiny ones, others quite large. Mrs. Brownrigg was on the search for a middle size. At last she found a bitch that weighed 12 lbs. and she called her Shu Ssa. She was white with a black patch on her side, root of tail and head. On the head was a white topknot or apple mark. Her hair stuck up all around her face and her large eyes were captivating. She was also extremely clever!

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