Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Shih Tzu Shows

Shih Tzu dog shows and Shih Tzu dog breeding attracts the interest of people from all walks of life ranging from royalty to the lady next door. Ordinary family folk attend dog shows and compete successfully with top-quality dogs they have bred themselves. A good dog show judge will disregard all but the dogs themselves when making a final decision. Who you are or where you come from does not matter in good show dog judging. The Shih Tzu dogs have to prove themselves, not the people. The dog game is simply a love of dogs. Most of the people you will meet at a Shih Tzu dog show share an appreciation for their dogs. As with any hobby or profession, however, there are many different opinions as to what a dog show truly is. You might hear things like: "it's a cult." You will definitely hear about the politics and the enormous amounts of money people spend on the dogs and how much the dogs hate it.

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