Sunday, March 19, 2006

Learning to Recognize Canine Aggression

Generally speaking Shih Tzu should not be aggressive at all. However, with any breed of dog aggressive behaviors can and do occur. Do you understand what it means if a Shih Tzu bares its teeth at you? Is your Shih Tzu warning you to back off or is your Shih Tzu simply smiling? If your Shih Tzu suddenly snaps at you - is this a failed bite or a warning that a bite might be coming next? The truth is these are typically aggressive behaviors that can range from visual warnings to postural or symbolic threats. Every dog owner needs to learn these subtle or not so subtle warnings of aggression, whether it be with a Shih Tzu or a Pit Bull. Any dog breed can exhibit aggression. Dog aggression is often meant primarily not to harm so much as to alter the behavior of another creature, human or animal. Dogs and Shih Tzu included communicate their aggressive intentions through changes in expression, posturing, and maneuvering, some so subtle as to be easily missed or misunderstood by a passerby or even the owner. A dog's communication system is quite different from a human's communication system. It is important that every dog owner, whether it be a Shih Tzu or a Pit Bull, or a tiny teacup poodle, learn the dog's basic communication system expressing aggression. Read on at: Stain Glass Shih Tzu

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