Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Secret Of The Imperial Palace Does Live On

An explanation of why the first English Shih Tzu imports were "very large" is during the days of imperial rule eunuchs were in charge. Eunuchs tried to profit from all breedings. The oversized specimens produced were passed into the hands of the general public. Eunuchs fed glass to the small Imperial Shih Tzu just shortly before committing suicide themselves. This practice kept others from breeding their bloodlines of the smaller type Imperial Shih Tzu. I suppose feeding the Shih Tzu glass was the only way they could think of to "protect their bloodlines. This practice is comparable to the Shih Tzu breeders of today, some of whom, routinely spay and neuter their Shih Tzu at the very young age of 8 weeks. There are, however, many health advantages to spaying and neutering a Shih Tzu puppy early. Most vets agree spaying and neutering should be done not sooner than 6 months of age.

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