Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What is the American Canine Association Registration Service?

The American Canine Association, Inc. is America's largest veterinary health tracking canine tracking registry. They are dedicated to positive change and improved registry standards for the canine industry, which includes our beloved Shih Tzu. Their Corporate Office is located in Wilmington, Delaware. Customer Service: The American Canine Association maintains a Customer Service Center. They provide information to its customers on canine registration procedures, health tracking, veterinary referrals, and legislative issues, which include our beloved Shih Tzu. They are courteous and prompt at answering their calls. There are no long waits on the telephone with American Canine Association. The American Canine Association registration service provides customers with advice on house breaking, training, diet, immunizations, and a variety of other topics always just a phone call or email away. Records of registered canines, which include our beloved Shih Tzu, are carefully tracked and updated daily. Included in their registration services is 24 hours access to Ask A Vet and Ask A Trainer service free of charge for the life of your Shih Tzu or any dog registered with them.

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