Thursday, February 23, 2006


The average gestation period for a shih tzu is 58 to 65 days following conception. With a first pregnancy your shih tzu may not show signs until late in term. Just before her due date the abdominal muscles may suddenly appear to distend suddenly. Some shih tzu may produce colostrum and milk. She may suffer a loss of appetite or if just eaten, they may suddenly throw it back up. She may show extreme fatique, and have very deep periods of sleep. These are all signs that whelping is nigh.
If it takes an hour or longer between puppies once whelping begins she "might" be suffering from inertia. However, all matrons are different. I have puppies to have as long as 4 hours apart and nothing be wrong at all, and usually the same mother will go through this same process each time. But if you have a matron who does not usually take this long between puppies, and then she does, this could be cause for you to call your vet or take her to the vet. Some breeders will give their matron a glass of milk as a calcium source. My shih tzu usually won't take anything like that during this time. If the matron stays in labor a long period of time, you may need to take her for a cesarean section. Most shih tzu, however, are free whelpers, even my little girls have whelped out their puppies on their own. There is always the exception to this rule, however, and you should be prepared to stay for the entire whelping with your matron to guard against the complications that may require the vet's assistance. One trouble sign would be a steady straining by the matron. I have been very fortunate with my shih tzu, in that as of yet I have not experienced a lot of problems with their whelping times.

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