Sunday, October 29, 2006

When Should You Socialize and Start Training your Shih Tzu Puppy

This is the first puppy from our Simon Says. I am keeping her. She is so much like her daddy, Simon. I have her named Miss Sheba! She is a tiny teacup size and very "frisky." I had the hardest time getting this t-shirt on her.

When Should You Socialize and Start Training Your Shih Tzu Puppy?by Connie Limon (Email: Shih Tzu puppies get plenty of exercise with their littermates before leaving all behind for new homes. Once a Shih Tzu puppy is in his new home, has reached the age of four months and is fully vaccinated he should be taken for walks. Start out slow with your walks. This is the time you want to start lead training your new Shih Tzu puppy. A lot of his exercise should still come freely around his new home and in the backyard so he has the opportunity to rest at will. Allow him to wear a collar most of the time (never in a cage or crate). Add a leash as he exercises around his new home to get him use to the new gear. From time to time casually pick up the leash and allow your puppy to follow behind you. Eventually, you will be able to walk with the Shih Tzu puppy by your side on official walks through the woods or any favorite place you have to walk. A bond of love will develop from these little walks with your new Shih Tzu puppy as he and you exercise together. A young Shih Tzu puppy can make a good start toward socialization when he has learned to play with his new owner. He should also be handled by all the members of his new family as well as visitors. He should now begin to relax and learn to tolerate grooming. Before he has received all vaccinations you really need to limit his contact with other animals and humans. By the time the Shih Tzu puppy is four months old, however, he should be fully vaccinated and ready to acquire socialization skills. It is in the best interest of the Shih Tzu puppy for the breeder to follow these same rules - to limit exposure to other animals and other people until the Shih Tzu puppy is fully vaccinated. Therefore, many Shih Tzu puppies sold at the young age of eight and nine weeks should have only had contact with their littermates, their mother and the breeder. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where puppy classes are held, please take advantage. These classes can do a world of good for a young Shih Tzu puppy. In the final phase of puppy hood at six months to a year of age a Shih Tzu puppy will complete most of his physical growth. By now his second teeth should be through. Be aware that Shih Tzu puppies are a bit slow at acquiring their teeth. The assessment for the show ring is actually best done at about one year of age. I am not sure how some show dog breeders claim they know a show quality Shih Tzu puppy and thus mark the price up because of these so called show qualities. However, many show dog breeders claim they have this insight to be able to tell a show prospect at the young age of eight weeks. From all I have read, this is quite impossible. The true age to tell whether or not a Shih Tzu is show dog material is at about one year. When show dog breeders are anxious to sell their stock at eight to twelve weeks of age based upon the claims of "show dog prospect," with a higher price tag, be leery of this type of sale. You are probably not actually getting the show dog prospect that is being advertised to you. It is best to wait and shop around with other show dog breeders who have kept their Shih Tzu to one year and over in order to truly find a true "show dog prospect." Beginning at the age of six months a Shih Tzu puppy can be taken to shows if this is your interest. Please allow your Shih Tzu puppy to enjoy puppy hood before rushing him into the show ring. Don't make Shirley Temples out of your six month old Shih Tzu if he is still quite babyish. Author: Connie Limon. I raise Shih Tzu puppies in a variety of colors. All puppies are sold with a health guarantee. We have the small AKC standards, imperials and teacups at reasonable prices. Our website provides visitors with an educational experience all about the Shih Tzu. Visit us at and sign up for our FREE newsletter. This article is FREE to publish with the resource box.

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