Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Shih Tzu - Housebreaking

Here is another article on Housebreaking. Housebreaking does not have to be dreaded or difficult. Establish a routine that accommodates both you and your puppy's needs and your daily schedule. It takes practice, knowledge and repetition on your part.
Remember when you are trying to housebreak a new puppy, even those that usually use the backyard sometimes go in the house. The trick is to never give the puppy the opportunity to go in the house. Set aside several days to housebreaking and reinforce what she learns. Warning: It may take weeks, even months or up to a year sometimes to completely housebreak a new puppy. Just be consistent, patient and use the same set of instructions for the puppy for each training session, which should be many during the day. Count on taking your new puppy to the spot many, many times in a day. This is extremely important: Taking the puppy to the same spot, down the same pathway, out the same door many, many times during the day. At night, teach him to sleep in his sleeping spot until morning and then start the routine all over again. At first, this will be about every two hours. You will learn exactly how many times your puppy needs to urinate and defecate during the process until you can just take them out those amount of times during the day

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