Monday, February 20, 2006

Housetraining Your Shih Tzu the Right Way

House training your Shih Tzu properly is one of the most important aspects of Shih Tzu ownership. More dogs are surrendered to animal shelters for elimination problems than for any other reason, so proper house training can literally be a lifesaver. The most popular ways to house break Shih Tzu, and the ones that are the most effective, are those that use the Shih Tzu's own instincts to provide this important lesson. Shih Tzu are instinctively very clean animals, and they try very hard to avoid soiling the areas where they sleep and where they eat. The modern methods of house training Shih Tzu, including crate training, den training and other variations, take advantage of this aspect of dog behavior to create a well behaved, house trained Shih Tzu in less time than many other methods.

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