Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Shih Tzu - Highly Prized Colors And Markings

By the 1930's, the Peking Kennel Club was faced with the existence of a variety of colors. The Peking Kennel Club wanted to do justice to the facts of history regarding the highly favoured Imperial color of "Tawny or honey-coloured or Golden - The Yellows." At that time, their Shih Tzu standard read: "All colors permissible, single and mixed. Tawny or honey-coloured highly favoured." The British Shih Tzu standard read: "All colors permissible," but adds the words, "a white blaze on the forehead and a white tip to the tail are highly prized." And now the French Shih Tzu standard of the mid-1950's comments "honey-colored and white are rare and much appreciated."

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