Monday, October 31, 2005

Is The Food You Feed Causing Health Problems?

One method of determining whether the food you feed your shih tzu is affecting its health or producing problem symptoms is to keep a health journal.

It is time consuming, but will be invaluable for determining whether there is a link between his diet and his condition. You can diagnose or better yet help your vet diagnose your shih tzu's itchy skin, whereas otherwise, it might be impossible and cost you a lot more money in vet bills after your vet has to run test after test based upon the only symptom you report being "itchy skin." You may even still end up with a shih tzu with itchy skin. You can do a little homework on your own and put your money into your own investigations. Then take the entire journal to your vet and show him what you have done so far to determine what is causing your shih tzu's problems, or better yet, solve it yourself and never visit the vet.

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