Monday, October 31, 2005

Shih Tzu - Breeding Formulas

The best breedings are generally those where the pedigrees have several outstanding ancestors common to both the sire and dam. This is how breed "type" is set. The formula for establishing and maintaining type, for example, would be the sire's sire should be the same dog as the dam's grandsire. This can be reversed to make a line breeding on the dam's sire as well; known as close line breeding. With this formula, one is able to "set type" within a breed. The type you set can be either good or bad. The goal, of course, is to set a type that is "good." One must know the health histories of these family members, as well as all the good you are trying to set type for. Line and inbreeding can increase the possibility of producing even better dogs, but it also must be realized, through augmentation by percentages, line and inbreeding can produce animals with undesirable characteristics.

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