Thursday, January 05, 2006

Shih Tzu Groom Shop Design

Three factors to consider in planning and opening a Shih Tzu Groom Shop are: 1. Shop design 2. Working to achieve maximum production 3. Business management Shop Interior Design How you decorate will render your Shih Tzu Groom Shop attractive or unattractive, inviting or uninviting. Flattering in-shop décor contributes to creating a favorable impression on your customers. The Shih Tzu Groom Shop should be as light as possible. Light colors should dominate the décor. Combining pastel shades of mist blue, rosebud, candy pink and others provides a very soft and light décor. If you are conservative stick to a color such as antique white or sky blue. The ideal decorative setup also includes using materials that make frequent painting unnecessary. Wall paper is easier to maintain and will last longer than paint. Paneled walls will last longer than anything else. Tiled floors are most desired for easy clean-up and disinfecting. Avoid rugs of any kind. Exterior Décor The exterior decoration of your Shih Tzu Groom Shop is very important also. Try to attract attention to your Shih Tzu Groom Shop. Beautiful paintings of Shih Tzu on either side of your shop name are very attractive. The exterior design of your Shih Tzu Groom Shop is the face it shows the world. Careful thought should be given to this very important piece of your décor. Use merchandise in the windows such as dog supplies to create a homey-looking shop. The type of window covering you choose should blend in with the shop's theme décor.

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