Monday, January 02, 2006

The Things You Do To Annoy Your Shih Tzu

Did you ever think it might be a two way street with your shih tzu. Your shih tzu may annoy you sometimes, but just think about the things that might be annoying your shih tzu. Because shih tzu can't talk we usually have to make guesses about what they are thinking.
Just recently my Tessy had a litter of shih tzu puppies. Early in the morning we received a call from a couple who had "just" lost their shih tzu. They were very upset and crying. This was about 6:00 a.m., I believe. Tessy had an available shih tzu male that would fit this couple and so I was running about at this early morning hour getting the shih tzu puppy ready for them to pick up. Suddenly I noticed Tessy giving me a very unusual kind of disgusting look. I felt like she was saying: "now just what do you think you are going to do with my boy?" "Whatever you are up to, Connie, I just don't approve of it and I am very suspicious of your actions right now." I just looked back at Tessy and said, "well Tessy, we can't keep all of them." Sometimes my shih tzu moms do get upset at me when it is time to start placing their puppies. It is like they make me feel as if we should keep every one of their shih tzu puppies and just live here as one big happy shih tzu family. That is impossible. And I keep reminding them that this is just impossible. I keep a lot of our shih tzu puppies just for that very reason. The moms enjoy them so much, I can't stand to take all of them away from the mother. I notice also that the shih tzu mothers are happier when they have at least one of their offspring with them at all times.

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